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Hart Island

Coming April 2024

Someone You Know

Finalist for the 2005 Lambda Literary Award
Newspaper columnist Daniel Caruso has a wife he loves deeply, a daughter who means everything to him, and a secret that could destroy them all. At a conference in Seattle, he meets and spends a passionate night with Stephen Hart, a handsome firefighter, who the next day is murdered.  On the journey home to Providence, R.I., Daniel receives a bizarre and frightening sign from someone who knows the most intimate details of his deception. Soon after he reunites with his family, another message makes it chillingly clear that someone sinister is observing every move Daniel and his family make. 

“This astonishing first novel combines excellent prose, dialogue, and character, drawing with throat-gripping suspense that invites comparison with Hitchcock, Woolrich and Charlotte Armstrong. — Ellery Queen Magazine

“Seductive … savage … searing … an electrifying page-turner.” — Richard Labonte, Book Marks

“Stark…tightly written murder mystery… compelling.” –Booklist

“Inticing and danger-filled.” – Instinct

“Mesmerizing … “Do not try this at home.” TmeOut NY, top summer books

“A cautionary tale for anyone contemplating a one-night stand … fast paced and dark thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.” ReFresh (London)

“Barnburner of a first novel … deft and frightening.” — Tony Lewis, Providence Journal

“A heartfelt, gracefully written, explicit tale of sexual angst and self-discovery” – Kirkus

“First-time novelist triumphs … a terrifying thriller inspired by spree killer Andrew Cunanan.” — Thrust Magazine

“A claustrophobic atmosphere that imprisons even the most squeamish reader and keeps him or her white-knuckling through to the climax of this dark tale.” — Lavender Magazine (Twin Cities)

“If you enjoy having the hair on the back of your neck stand on end with terror, this is the book for you.” –The Open Book (Sacramento)

“Mystery readers, as well as fans of horror novels, … are drawn ever deeper into the mind of a serial killer who will stop at nothing to get at the ultimate object of his desire — Daniel Caruso himself. Rating A+” — The Texas Triangle

“A graphic and frightening thriller…”– Provincetown Banner

“A tour-de-force … “Someone You know” may have you shivering like it’s still winter, but there’s plenty of the sizzle of promised summer heat, too.” –Clean Sheets

“A twisted game of cat and mouse …an entertaining walk on the dark side.” — TWN Book Report, South Florida

Only the Lonely

Asim Zahid is headed to the University of Michigan, ready to bust out of Lackawanna, a rundown steel town outside of Buffalo, New York. But his dream of a bright future is derailed when his father dies and leaves behind the Bethlehem Theater and Sonia, his old man’s longtime mistress.
Soon there’s another reason frustrating the restless son’s plans to leave Lackawanna — an Irish redhead named Billy, who’s been flirting with Asim from the window of the Pig Iron Pub across the street from the theater.
Asim wonders whether he might be happy in Lackawanna after all, until he discovers his brother, Tarik, is headed off to some kind of training camp in the Afghanistan desert.
Not long after, he receives a package with a skull of a Jewish boy that initiates a terrifying and ultimately deadly set of events that peak on September 11, 2001.


“…once you start you won’t stop … for noir novel lovers.” — OutSmart, Houston

“Coming of age in a dying American town is hard enough. But if you’re Middle Eastern and gay… Zebrun’s ruminative second novel captivates through the complexity and vulnerability of its characters and the excellence of its prose, polished to a luminous transparency.” – Kirkus

“A rich dive into the tempest of family, the cold depths of loneliness and the riptide of fundamentalism … haunting.” — JustOut, Portland, Oregon

“Much like the old black-and-white movies that Sonia loved, ONLY THE LONELY reads … like an artsy independent film … a modern-day update of THE GLASS MANAGERIE.” — Desert Daily Guide, Palm Springs, Calif.

“A very intimate story that reflects international concerns in miniature, about one immigrant family’s struggles with secrets, discrimination, and religion.” — Bay Windows, Boston